Reed screen for door/ Sudare-skiding door

Can be fit the Sudare to the door and partition.
It is possible to use the sudare to a variety of furniture.

History of Sudare Blinds

Sudare is blinds or screens .Sudare has very old history.
It is a cool product, which has been used for1400 years in Kyoto.
At that time neither a door nor a wall was in the residence of the nobles.
Therefore, a room was partitioned with sudare instead of the door.
The sudare which partitioned anoble's room was called "Misu"
.Misu was a Sudare that dressed up with the gorgeous slik, goldembroidery,
and tasseld at imperial residence.
So, Sudare made progress at Kyoto, and kyo-Sudare is most traditional
and elaborated top brand.

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Tea house material
Interior Sudare

It is made with the natural color and coloful of bamboo
and the combinations of freely waved thread.
Materials: Bamboo stick and flat / natural material,
Material type : 1.5mm dia /3mm flat / 5mm flat /18mm flat and more.
Thread : cotton and linen

Maximum width : 2600mm
The maximum width varies depending on the sudare type.
There are 5types of sudaretype and price varies depending on type.

The oldes shape of Sudare is Misu.
It sppeared in the picture scroll of famous"Tale of the Genji"

Material : Bamboo/natural color and smoke color
Thread : cotton / white color and brown
Border : silk, rayon and more
Tassele : linen and silk and rayon / tassel color : 9color

It can made to order.
We are drawing "wave patteren" by bamboo stick.


The catalog can be downloaded.
zip-code 621-0052

TEL +81-771-22-6833
FAX +81-771-22-6835




It is a meterial used for tea house.

Exterior Sudare / Kyo-sudare
Sudare hanging from the eaves of the house in Japan.
Sudare is as partition, sunshade or interior.
Material : bamboo/reed/cattail/cotton weed/
The maximum width varies depending on the material.
Thread: linen / black color / brown color / white color


2021 New Year's floral decoration.
Sudare goods
Table runnr / Place mat / Teatime mat /

Materials and Craftman(Otoji Kawasaki)

Sudare Blind are made of slats of bamboo, reed, wood or other natural material,
and it is wove togetherwith cotton or hemp string.
As for the making, a piece of bamboo is whittled until will be athinner stick.
The craftsman make that sticks uniform size,
and weaves bamboo or reed Sudare Blind.
The exteriorSudare blind is made of reed, and wove together with hemp thread.
The interior Sudare blind is made of bamboo, and wove together with cotton thread.
Our elaborate brand "Kyo-Sudare"is made by hand
and do not admit of mass production.
The craftsman(Mr.Otoji Kawasaki)has an experience in 50 years.
His skill keeps their durability high.
But Sudare of present-day can be made cheaply in other place,
but their durability is so poor.